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Deidre, Elena from Queens, Jo, just graduated from Lawrence in Wisconsin, Michael, Mo and me in July 2015. Not pictured: swimming in Lake Garfield and the visit to the goat farm.
Mo & Mike July birthdays add up to Whaaaaat?Mary Paul, Michael and MaureenBonner McAllister gave us a nature tour. This is her favorite botany reference. Old, but still good.How to ID a cherry (beyond "wild cherry")Bonner shows how to ID ferns on our nature walk.The land around the Monterey Community Center has great variety of life to show off.Old-time barbed wire revealed the land's history as a farm.Pine cone huntBonner's happy audienceElena and DeidreMonterey Community Center in progressMike shows Deidre new and old beams at the Monterey Community CenterNew windows at the Monterey Community CenterOld and new together at the Monterey Community CenterMonterey Community CenterMonterey Community CenterCircus standard poodle