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Our Bike Tour in Italy, the snapshots of us division. Click on the first photo, then scroll through, and there should be captions.

For the scenic photos, I put an album on flickr:
Lovely Fuji bike, lovely countrysideChristine at our first castleThis is our group.Christine and Jason with the great laugh. And he'd laugh at anything. We loved him.Our leadersChristine and the cathedral both wore stripesCaught Christine checking the phone(!)Christine channeling FroomeyFroomey determination.Me and Niki de Saint Phalle sculptureIt's for you.Us, bikes, chickenChristine's Italian Funny ShoesChristine and new bike shirtOur bartender in Rome.Our funny bartenderUs in the barAfter grappaAfter more grappaBartender's photo. After more grappa.