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In Van Cortlandt Park, Save the Putnam Trail community group is still trying to stop the 1.2 mile path from paving and tree cutting, but work has already started. The trail, which was an old rail bed, will be paved for bike riders--though area bike riders were perfectly happy the way it was. Rita Freed says there will be bike rentals at the old railroad station at the head of the trail. She sees it as part of the commercialization of parks.

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Vannie nature lovers mourn Putnam Trail paving, Aug. 17, 2019,69753
Margarita  Eremeyev, Park AdvocateThe Putnam Trail has been fenced off.Putnam Greenway plan"They're using a ton of herbicide to clear brush to get to the trees."Rita Freed, park advocateBronx family loves the trail.  "it's ridiculous to pave it."A big London PlaneGrand Central Terminal blocksThe trail has been graded in prep for paving. Now it's a =muddy mess.We found a gap in the fence