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Atlantic Beach, NC; Garden City and Huntington Beach, SC, Panama Beach, FL, and New Orleans. Latest photos first.
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Every day. How 'bout a satsuma flavored sno-ball? Ginger? Kumquat? Yes.Warehouse where floats are stored. Some nasty messages on these.Our third time renting this little shotgun house on Octavia. We're here for a month.Across the street, a person. No, a painting.Our rental on Dryades, big!AsymetryMahalia Jackson in Louis Armstrong ParkNew Orleans Police Officer owns this (see tag  behind windshield)Flowers and flowersLive oak in Audobon Park. Linda wants to know how it holds its arms up.artSt. Betty WhiteIn line for the bathroom at Lisa's Mardi Gras party on Frenchman St.Waffle queen, topped by a pat of butterMardi Gras Dau partyLisa and MK's guests.Another guest.Carolyn